Heritage and Perfection in Every Taste

Inspired by the authentic deliciousness of Australian Homemade Ice Cream .

Cultivated over years of passion and expertise, our recipes embody the ultimate balance of texture, quality and unforgettable tasting notes.

Ultra High Premium Processing

Our revolutionary UHPP technology guarantees that every ice cream we make not only tastes delicious but is also nutritious. This process creates an impeccably smooth texture, intense flavors, and an ice cream experience that can only be described as premium.

Naturally Tasty

Our carefully selected ingredients: fresh skimmed milk and cream, granulated sugar, rich egg yolk from free-range chickens, enriched whole milk powder, natural sweeteners, authentic flavors without artificial additives. Pure and honest ingredients for pure ice cream enjoyment.

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Our Flavors, Discover - "A World of Flavors"

From classic vanilla to exotic mocha and the delicate fleur de lait.

Our flavors

Frequently Asked Questions about Cupple's Ice Cream Maker

What makes Cupple's Ice Cream Maker different from other ice cream makers on the market?

Cupple's Ice Cream Machine is distinguished by its ease of use, the speed of ice cream preparation, and the quality of the end product. With a prep time of just 7 to 10 minutes, it's perfect for those last-minute treats. In addition, our machines are designed with premium materials for durability and a stylish presence in any kitchen.

How long does it take to make ice cream with the Cupple Ice Cream Maker?

Making ice cream with the Cupple Ice Cream Maker takes just 7 to 10 minutes, making it one of the fastest ice cream makers available.

Do I need to pre-freeze ingredients before using the Cupple Ice Cream Maker?

No that is not necessary. The Cupple Ice Cream Machine is designed to work with the Cupple ice cream mix from the start, without any preparation time.

Can I use my own ingredients or do I have to buy specific Cupple mixes?

Although our machine is optimized for use with Cupple ice cream mixes, which come in a variety of flavors, you can also use your own ingredients to create your own unique flavors.

Is the Cupple Ice Cream Maker difficult to clean?

On the contrary, the Cupple Ice Cream Maker is designed for easy cleaning. The removable parts are dishwasher safe and the non-removable parts can be easily wiped clean.

How much ice does the machine produce at a time?

The Cupple Ice Cream Maker produces enough ice cream for approximately 4 to 6 servings, depending on the size of the servings.

Does the Cupple Ice Cream Machine have a warranty?

Yes, we stand behind the quality of our ice machines and offer a full warranty. Please refer to our warranty terms and conditions on the website for further details.

Can children use the machine safely?

Absolutely, the Cupple Ice Cream Maker is designed to be used by everyone. However, we recommend that children use the machine under adult supervision for safety purposes.

Where can I buy the Cupple ice cream mixes?

Our ice cream mixes are available directly from our website or from selected retailers. Check out our 'Where to Buy' section for more information.

What if I experience technical problems with my ice cream maker?

In that case, please contact our customer service. We offer comprehensive support and can help you with troubleshooting or repair scheduling.