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Cupple Discover Box - Assortment Ice Cream Mixes, 125ml x 8

Cupple Discover Box - Assortment Ice Cream Mixes, 125ml x 8

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Explore the Diverse Flavors of Cupple with the Exclusive Discover Box

Dive into the joy of homemade ice cream with the Cupple Discover Box, specially formulated for lovers of artisanal ice cream. Whether you're an experienced Cupple user or just starting to discover the joy of ice cream making at home, this box is the perfect way to explore our range of ice cream mixes.

What's in the Box?

  • 2 servings Madagascar Vanilla : A classic favorite, rich and creamy.
  • 2 portions of Belgian Chocolate : Deep, intense and full of flavor.
  • 2 servings of Mocha : A perfect blend of coffee aroma and sweetness.
  • 2 portions of Fleur de Lait : Subtle, soft and refined.

Each serving is carefully formulated with the finest ingredients to ensure a top quality ice cream experience. This box is perfect for trying new flavors or as a great gift for any ice cream lover.

Instructions for use: Easy to prepare with the Cupple Ice Cream Maker. Follow the instructions provided for best results.

Order the Cupple Discover Box Now and Start Discovering New, Delicious Ice Cream Flavors!


Ingredients can be found with the specific flavors.

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